The Washington Times - July 25, 2008, 08:48AM

Just had a leftover tidbit from the cutting room floor from today’s feature on Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson and his triple option scheme.

Wake Forest linebacker Aaron Curry didn’t seem to enjoy playing Navy all that much a season ago when Johnson was in Annapolis, so he’s probably not upset the Demon Deacons miss out on facing Georgia Tech this year.


That’s because he is one of the believers in the offense.

“Wooo. It’s going to be amazing,” Curry said. “I was talking to [Georgia Tech tackle] Andrew [Gardner] and I was telling him ‘If all of you guys just buy into that option and trust that option, and your defense can hold people to 14 or under, you guys have a good chance to go undefeated.’ That thing is hard to stop. The only thing about Navy is they didn’t have a defense that was going to stop other teams from scoring. And they didn’t have the Georgia Tech athletes. I can only imagine those running backs they have running the option. …

“When we played Navy, I thought ‘Why are they the only people running it?’ But everything evolves and changes. I’d say in five or six years, everybody in the ACC will be running it.”

 —- Patrick Stevens