The Washington Times - July 29, 2008, 05:36PM

Well, it took until late July, but Maryland‘s basketball program received some good offseason news.

Granted, it’s the fact Sean Mosley made it through the NCAA clearinghouse (more on that in tomorrow’s dead tree edition), but that’s a downright cause for celebration the way things have gone since late March (i.e. Tyree Evans and Gus Gilchrist).


“He is cleared,” senior associate athletic director Kathleen Worthington said. “He is through the clearinghouse, he is admitted to Maryland and he is in the STEP [orientation] program. We’re good to go on Mosley.”

So, in addition to giving Maryland enough scholarship players (10) to match Red against Black and reversing a trend that would have signaled coach Gary Williams’ need to channel his inner Norman Dale, the assurance Mosley will be around in the winter provides a little bit of a bounce for a program very much looking for it.

Is it enough to suddenly make the Terps look like a sure-fire NCAA tournament team? Not so much. The addition of a two-guard doesn’t solve Maryland’s serious questions in the frontcourt, and those are concerns that will follow the Terps right into the season (and possibly through it).

But Mosley will still help, and Maryland will happily take it after its tumultuous offseason.

—- Patrick Stevens