The Washington Times - July 30, 2008, 08:42AM

There have been repeated references here in the last month or so to “those of you playing ACC fantasy football.” It’s been mentioned partially in jest; people do play fantasy college football, but as someone stuck watching a lot of ACC games the last three years, I do sort of wonder why anyone would want to seriously do an ACC-only league.

Really, do you want want to plug in a Georgia Tech wide receiver as a bye week option this season?


But in randomly scanning through Al Gore’s Invention, I came upon this little nugget: The NCAA is unhappy CBS will base its fantasy college football game on —- gasp! —- real players’ names!

This is a highly entertaining development, one probably few people would have had any clue about if not for some moaning from Indianapolis. And here’s the link for your enjoyment.

The unfortunate part is a league has to be based on at least two conferences, and independents don’t count as a separate league. So if you want to play ACC fantasy football, you’re stuck adding another league as well.

The NCAA ends its little story with this gem:

The Division I Task Force on Commercial Activity in Intercollegiate Athletics is also working on this issue, and plans to discuss if licensing of NCAA and/or institutional trademarks and mascots might be an effective way to ensure proper quality control for college fantasy football games.

Here’s a little tip to get around that potential scenario: College Park No. 10 is a sleeper at quarterback, though the best mid-round value in the ACC this year will probably be Durham No. 9.

—- Patrick Stevens