The Washington Times - July 31, 2008, 09:34PM

There’s a lot more —- A LOT more —- on Duke‘s football team in tomorrow’s dead tree edition.

But just wanted to offer a sliver of the sense of humor of new Blue Devils coach David Cutcliffe.


He was asked at last week’s ACC Kickoff if he’d been in touch with Steve Spurrier, who actually managed to win a share of an ACC title at Duke back in 1989. And indeed, the two had talked about the job.

“He said ‘Just try to win more than you lose,’” Cutcliffe recalled. “And I said ‘That’s kind of standard everywhere.’”

True enough, but to do it at Duke might just make a coach a miracle-worker.

Cutcliffe doesn’t seem interested in miracles as much as simply getting better. And at a program that has one winning season in its last 18, that’s probably the right place to start.

 —- Patrick Stevens