The Washington Times - June 27, 2008, 12:12AM

While going over the ACC’s possible picks in the NBA Draft, it didn’t seem worth noting guys who weren’t popping up on mock drafts.

And that, of course, was unwise.


Enter Virginia Tech‘s Deron Washington, a surprising but still interesting choice at No. 59 for Detroit.

A four-year fixture on the “Guys Fans Hate Unless He’s On Their Team” squad that also featured ex-Boston College forward Jared Dudley, Washington was always a treat to watch. He was probably the ACC’s best flopper since Shane Battier (a comment meant as high praise, since such work requires some skill but also aggravates opponents in the process), and was worth keeping an eye on anytime Virginia Tech was on the court.

He’s also the first Hokie to get picked since Eddie Lucas was a late second round choice in 1999. Who knows if he can stick, but his selection means 11 of the 12 ACC teams (everyone but Clemson) have had players drafted in the last four years.