The Washington Times - June 9, 2008, 08:52AM

There is some understandable reluctance on the part of Maryland fans to look ahead to next season, what with players going hither and yon (but not to College Park) during the offseason.

It’s going to make building the schedule a tricky deal. Or, as Gary Williams might say: In other words, the Terrapins will have to be careful who they bring to College Park. It would be rather surprising to see a capable mid-major like Ohio make a visit.


A first-year Division I team? That’s more like it. And the Providence Journal mentioned one that is on the way: Bryant University, where they actually do more than play lacrosse under Mike Pressler.

It’s hardly not the biggest news from the story from late last week from the ProJo’s point of view —- understandably, since coach Max Good left to become an assistant at Loyola Marymount.

Here’s the important part for Maryland fans:

The search comes at a critical time because Bryant is moving up to Division I in the fall and the Bulldogs have contracts to play at Iowa, Connecticut, Boston College, Maryland and Providence College, two factors that should make the job attractive.

Bryant probably won’t help out the RPI too much. But padding the win column is a far more important task than playing a brutal schedule at this juncture for Maryland.