The Washington Times - November 1, 2008, 10:29PM

The ACC gets itself beat up in a lot of places, and in some cases it’s quite understandable.

But now that everyone in the conference has two losses overall, everyone can accept that a national title contender isn’t coming out of this league. Two BCS entrants aren’t coming out of this league. A team that will be favored in the Orange Bowl isn’t coming out of this league.


But that doesn’t mean the final four weeks of the season can’t be as much —- if not more —- fun than any other conference’s.

No, there isn’t an unbeaten watch, like in the Big Ten, Big 12 or SEC. And there’s not a supremely talented team like Southern California.

But good heavens —- it is still remotely plausible for 11 teams to win the conference, and nine schools will wake up tomorrow within a game in the loss column of their respective division leaders.

Maryland is the only team left with one loss in the conference. Five teams in the Coastal Division have exactly two league losses, with all sorts of crazy permutations already in play. After all, Miami beat Virginia, who beat North Carolina, who beat Miami. Then there’s Virginia Tech, who beat Georgia Tech and North Carolina but has lost two straight outside the division.

That’s just insane, and it backs up the constant comments that the league is evenly matched.

Yes, it’s the Land of 8-4 Teams. But even though the big dreams everyone has at the start of every season are dashed, the level of entertainment might actually rise in the coming weeks.

—- Patrick Stevens