The Washington Times - November 12, 2008, 03:23PM

Just got an e-mail from the fine folks over at Comcast SportsNet pointing out their Nov. 16-23 “SportsNite on Campus: Tip-Off Week,” which includes plenty of interviews with coaches during their nightly broadcasts, as well as four live games involving local and psuedo-local team.

(For those interested in the exact game programming: Nov. 16: VMI at Virginia, 4; Nov. 17: Mount St. Mary’s at Virginia Tech, 8; Nov. 21: Vermont at Maryland, 8; Nov. 22: UAB at Old Dominion, 4).


But the thing that stood out to me was not just the Maryland men’s basketball reality show (though its existence was pretty well known), but the name.

It’s “The Proving Ground: The 2008 Maryland Men’s Basketball Team,” and it will debut at 7 p.m. on Nov. 21.

This, of course, is a solid time to start saying Gary Williams will blow up like a munitions depot when he doesn’t get a call in his favor during the early part of the season. But I’ll refrain from any other terribly lame jokes – though I’d be interested to eventually hear whatever other names were floated about for this project.

Patrick Stevens