The Washington Times - November 13, 2008, 07:27PM

Here’s the deal with bowl representatives.

They’re nice folks. They travel around to games throughout the fall. They hand out trinkets. They say nice things about the teams they’re watching.


But ultimately, they tend to avoid absolutes and definites. And that’s smart business, but also not terribly enlightening.

It’s all OK, because that’s how things are. But when you know of a blog on a bowl’s website, you tend not to believe you’ll learn all that much.

Well, the Chick-Fil-A Bowl’s blog last year pretty much came out and said Boston College travels virtually no one and that such a history didn’t work in the Eagles’ favor. And sure enough, BC tumbled past the Atlanta game (as well as the Gator Bowl) when it lost to Virginia Tech in the ACC title game.

So I give the folks at the Chick-Fil-A Bowl credit for being as forthright as possible for a postseason game. And here’s a link to the bowl’s selection blog.

The comments on Maryland were basic, but this was the snippet on an ACC team that stood out to me:

North Carolina:
Allow me to emphasize my comment from above (Maryland); this is a HUGE game for us this week. If UNC can go into Maryland and win, they will stay right in the middle of our board. A loss will be a tough hit for their chances and will probably mean they have to win out to stay in contention. Butch Davis gets my nod for coach of the year in the ACC. He has done a superb job and has this team playing up to their potential. They just don’t make a lot of mistakes and are tough to beat because they don’t beat themselves. We spent some time talking about the win over Georgia Tech. That performance was impressive, a great win over a very talented team. The Tar Heels‘ stock is high with us right now.

Really, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. The formula of a big school with a fairly healthy semi-major bowl drought is about as appealing as it gets.

Carolina might turn out to be one of the three most appealing commodities among ACC schools this year (Florida State and Virginia Tech being the others), and collecting a road victory this weekend will only make the Tar Heels even more valuable.

Patrick Stevens