The Washington Times - November 14, 2008, 08:54PM

Maryland up 16 at halftime over Bucknell…

* Cliff Tucker, in his second stint anyway, looks particularly slick. At times, he’s been the best player on the floor.


* Bucknell barely has more points (17) than turnovers (14). While Maryland isn’t looking like a true offensive juggernaut, it isn’t yielding many open looks.

* The Terps went 11 players deep in the first half. The only guys not to make it in: Steve Goins and David Pearman.

* Jin Soo Kim is officially this year’s fan favorite.

* A number of concern: Maryland 28-22 rebounding deficit. Bucknell is by no means a tiny team, but this shouldn’t be happening, ether.

* The new 3-point line isn’t being very friendly: A combined 2-for-15 from beyond the arc.

—- Patrick Stevens