The Washington Times - November 14, 2008, 07:57PM

How much do starting lineups for a season opener matter?

Not much. Unless maybe in baseball, when they get archived for years and years in media guides. And then you wonder how the heck the Phillies started Sid Fernandez on Opening Day in 1996.


No one remembers, for instance, that Dave Neal started last year’s opener for Maryland. It also constitutes his last start, since (a) Landon Milbourne and James Gist were suspended that night and (b) Neal promptly got hurt. Again.

Anywho, here’s tonight’s starting lineup for the Terpies, not that you’re likely to remember it in a few months anyway:

G-Eric Hayes

G-Greivis Vasquez

G-Cliff Tucker

F-Landon Milbourne

F-Braxton Dupree

—- Patrick Stevens