The Washington Times - November 15, 2008, 10:41AM

One game down, 29+ to go.

And it’s unlikely much was really learned about the Maryland basketball team last night.


The last 15 minutes were essentially garbage time, so it’s tough to draw many conclusions from that. And unlike some early-season games last year, the Terps had control of matters well before halftime and never seemed like they were in serious danger of losing.

The frontcourt was a jumble beforehand. It remains a jumble.

Cliff Tucker looked like a breakout candidate beforehand. He still does.

The Terps’ offense was questionable. It is still is. Their defense figured to be further ahead. It is.

One thing coach Gary Williams was willing to acknowledge was that freshman guard Sean Mosley’s ankle injury isn’t fully healed. So a reasonable attempt to evaluate Mosley’s play will probably have to wait for a while.

That just reflects the entire team. So the real conclusion to draw about the Terps is that (assuming no missteps at home) any real assessments begin on Thanksgiving when the Old Spice Classic begins in Orlando.

Until then, most of this will probably just be guesswork, anyway.

Patrick Stevens