The Washington Times - November 15, 2008, 02:52PM

A few oddball observations a little less than an hour before kickoff:

* The large, inflated Testudo parked near the end zone at the team house end of Byrd Stadium is done for the day. I would have been amused to see the wind carry a huge turtle onto the field, but apparently Maryland officials don’t share my glee for such snafus. So the big Testudo’s been parked.


As for the mascot Testudo, he sat down next to me courtside before the game last night. And while he was polite and tried to have a little fun with the stats monitor, he also has a minor problem. Let’s just say the athletic department ought to pony up for a little dry cleaning once in a while.

Here’s a guess that with the rain today, whichever Testudo outfit is hauled out this afternoon will need a good trip to the cleaners afterward.

* Maryland is in the red jerseys and white pants. North Carolina is in white jerseys and white pants.

I know a lot of Carolina fans liked the dark blue pants and jerseys that have been seen this year. But it never really is entirely Carolina without the Carolina blue.

* Tailback Da’Rel Scott was initially not out with the running backs in their warmups, but joined them midway through. Doesn’t look like there’s anything to worry about in regard to either Scott or Cory Jackson not playing today.

Patrick Stevens