The Washington Times - November 16, 2008, 09:34AM

The D1scourse Challenge is down to its final three weeks, and each group of picks tends to winnow the field a little more.

In that I mean a few more people forget to make picks and fall out of contention.


The Vandwagon’s Shady Mechanic didn’t forget this week. He actually ran the table, picking all three upsets —- Maryland-North Carolina, Houston-Tulsa and Boston College-Florida State.

At the top of the standings, A Fridge Too Far made the exact same picks I did, but wisely allocated fewer confidence points to Florida State and Tulsa. As a result, he’s up five points in the chase for the big bag of bowl graft. Actually, it’s more like 13 points, because I’m not keeping the bowl goodies for myself.

Overall, seven contestants are within 20 points, and nine are within 30 points. To illustrate how difficult it is to gain ground, no one in the top 10 made up more than four points on the lead this week.

I’m already working on a question from the Vandwagons and should have an answer later in the week. More to come throughout the day.

—- Patrick Stevens