The Washington Times - November 17, 2008, 04:59PM

When a guy who committed to a school to play basketball actually signs, a lot of times it warrants about a sentence or so and everyone moves on.

Such is the case today as James Padgett signs with Maryland.


That’s nothing against Padgett. And coach Gary Williams seems to think highly of him; he’d better, after all, since he offered the guy a scholarship.

But with all the attention paid to recruiting – some of it warranted, some breathlessly absurd – the actual act of signing is a fairly anticlimactic thing.

So, with Padgett and Jordan Williams in the fold, Maryland has done what it was expected to do in the fall signing period. And Padgett’s signing warrants two sentences in tomorrow’s dead-tree edition.

As always, it won’t be until this time next year at the earliest that we’ll know whether that was too little or vastly too much space to allocate.

Patrick Stevens