The Washington Times - November 17, 2008, 10:24AM

I love the idea of plus-minus —- a stat so simple yet still instructive at the same time.

Put simply: Look at what the scoring margin is whenever a player is in a game. Whatever the margin of a game is times five is the overall total that should be cobbled together.


It’s also a little time-consuming to do by hand, but we’ll see just how long I can keep this going.

Doing this when the subs are listed on the end-of-game book is easy. Well, not easy, but less arduous.

So here’s the rundown from Maryland’s season-opening defeat of Bucknell on Friday. It should really come as no surprise that Greivis Vasquez easily has the best margin on the team:

Player vs. Buck
1-Milbourne +13 +13
4-Dupree +8 +8
5-Hayes +14 +14
11-Kim +10 +10
14-Mosley +14 +14
21-Vasquez +24 +24
22-Bowie +14 +14
23-Pearman 0 0
24-Tucker +12 +12
25-Goins +5 +5
32-Burney +9 +9
33-Gregory +11 +11
35-Neal +11 +11

—- Patrick Stevens