The Washington Times - November 20, 2008, 09:52AM

Meet Ralph Friedgen, the newest member of the blogosphere.

It’s true – Ralph has a blog on the website ( the Maryland football program launched yesterday.


It’s a site that, in Friedgen’s opinion, was much needed after the Terps fell behind in online offerings to recruits.

“I kind of started the Fridge TV thing with video and kind of let it stall out,” Friedgen said. “Money was a problem to do it and have people upgrade it.”

So he brought a company in to look at ways to improve things, and was blown away when he saw what other schools were doing.

“I was saying ‘Whoa, we’re way behind, we’re way out of it here,’” Friedgen said. “I see what kids are looking for and what turns them on and what relaly piques people who are browsing the net.”

Friedgen spent plenty of time after practice pitching this to reporters, and you know that anything that keeps a bunch of scribes in his office longer than usual has to be pretty important to him.

The highlight of the site, to me any way, is the rap version of the Maryland fight song – and while Friedgen mentioned that aspect as well, he acknowledged he isn’t exactly sure what to make of it.

“I’ve had trouble understanding the words,” conceded Friedgen, who added on his radio show last night he asked if it was possible to slow it down – and was told that wouldn’t work out too well.

Patrick Stevens