The Washington Times - November 20, 2008, 01:48PM

Even now, it’s probably too early to guess just what Maryland‘s bowl landing spot will be.

As a guess —- and it’s purely a guess, since even bothering bowl committee folks at this point seems like an exercise in futility, since no one really knows how the ACC‘s schedule will unfold in the next few weeks —- it seems unlikely Maryland will fall further than Charlotte’s Meineke Car Care Bowl (the No. 6 pick).


Again, that’s a guess.

One of the picks above Charlotte is the Chick-Fil-A Bowl in Atlanta. Actually, it’s the pick after the Orange Bowl takes the ACC title game winner. And here’s their weekly word on Maryland, courtesy of the bowl’s selection blog:

Give credit to the Turtles. They held off a strong UNC team at home and earned a tough win. A point was made in our meeting that Maryland is now 4-0 against ranked teams this year and we think that is a very telling statistic. Friedgen’s squad has been playing up to their competition and having success. The other thing that stood out was the play of running back Da’Rel Scott. His 134 yards rushing with a TD helped Maryland control the game and hold off the Tar Heels. This group could be looking at a 9-win season and a trip to Tampa. This one surprised us a little, but with the way the Terps have played tough opponents, it probably shouldn’t have. We won’t underestimate them next time. They’ve earned our respect and several in the room were behind them.

Now, the blog includes mention of five other ACC teams (as well as only three SEC teams), so it obviously isn’t an end-all. But it is interesting that Maryland rates as highly as it does despite its sometimes erratic ways.

—- Patrick Stevens