The Washington Times - November 22, 2008, 09:21PM

Florida State’s Myron Rolle showed up with a little more than six minutes left in the second quarter.

By that point, the Seminoles were already up 14-0 – and soon added another score.


Maryland’s offensive line is simply being throttled. There’s no kind way to put it; when quarterback Chris Turner turns to roll out is reacquainted with Everette Brown over and over again, things aren’t going well.

Turner’s thrown two interceptions, and Da’Rel Scott has fumbled a carry away. While Maryland occasionally can string together a play or two, that’s about it. The Terps have 16 carries for 1 yard; take out the sacks and its 11 for 39 yards – not awful, but not great, either.

Credit also goes to Florida State, which is simply swamping the Terps with their overwhelming defense. The Seminoles might have been able to kill Maryland with work on the perimeter on offense, but it really doesn’t matter; the defense scored one of the touchdowns and set up the other.

Florida State gets the ball to open the second half, so this could get uglier very quickly. But it could be worse – Obi Egekeze could dribble an onside kick four yards a la the Virginia game.

Patrick Stevens