The Washington Times - November 22, 2008, 10:45PM

Maryland gave up six sacks in its first six conference games.

It gave up six to Florida State tonight.


It hadn’t thrown an interception over the last four games.

It threw two tonight.

Florida State was clearly the better team tonight (it’s 37-3 with 2:43 left as I type this), and so much of the difference came down to pressure.

Not any sort of nervousness or contrived storyline, mind you. Just sheer, overwhelming physical pressure.

Florida State had superior size and speed, and its defensive line simply overwhelmed Maryland.

The Terps’ offensive front played poorly at Virginia Tech. Here, it just plain got beat by what on at least this night was a much better unit.

I’m not sure if it makes this disappointing loss any easier to handle. But I’ll find out soon enough, since it’s time to pack up and head down to the press conference.

Patrick Stevens