The Washington Times - November 23, 2008, 12:19PM

First, a bit of good news for the Big Bag of Bowl Graft.

It now includes a 1-gigabyte flash drive, as well as at least one more Chick-Fil-A coupon.


That’s in addition to a bowl patch, a t-shirt, a carrying case and a few other things.

And A Fridge Too Far remains the competition leader with 1,885 points. I’m in second place just two points back, but the prize will be given out anyway, so the leader’s real competition is the third-place tie between Turner Portis and the Average Joe’s at 1,871 points.

As for this week’s winner, well, it was me. Of the three entries tied for second, Lamont4Heisman came closest in the tiebreaker category (calling a 27-21 Cincinnati victory when the Bearcats won 28-21). So hopefully a question will be forthcoming at some point this week.

Remember, of course, that even though the D1scourse Challenge ends in two weeks, there is already a D1scourse Bowl Challenge set up for everyone to participate in (with another bag of goodies at stake). Here’s the info for that group in Yahoo fantasy sports, which can accommodate 500 people and currently has … eight.

So there’s plenty of room. Here’s the relevant data:

Group #: 1417
Password: iwantin

—- Patrick Stevens