The Washington Times - November 23, 2008, 05:10PM

There’s one simple question left for Maryland: What does it have left to play for next weekend at Boston College.

While not an ACC title – a topic I delve into deeper in tomorrow’s dead-tree edition – there is some bowl jockeying to be had with a victory over the Eagles.


“I would think they would want to go to a good bowl,” coach Ralph Friedgen said. “We’ve worked too hard all season not to want that. I’d be disappointed if they don’t respond. They have every other time they’ve faced a tough situation. But we’re not going into an easy situation.”

Maryland would help itself in two ways with a victory over BC. One, the Terps would raise their profile and improve to 5-3; that, coupled with a North Carolina loss to Duke, would ensure Maryland would go ahead of the Tar Heels in the ACC’s bowl selection via the league’s one-win rule.

Two, it would mean Boston College could fall pretty much anywhere – and since the unofficial first rule of ACC bowl selection is that the Eagles will fall nearly as far as possible, that could bump Maryland up at least a spot.

Patrick Stevens