The Washington Times - November 24, 2008, 07:00PM

I meant to get to a couple goodies from my foray down to Verizon Center on Saturday.

It just took two days.


But here it is, still somewhat timely because Georgetown hasn’t played since its 81-53 rout of Drexel.

The cliff notes version of the game is as follows: Greg Monroe is pretty good. Now, he and the Hoyas haven’t played anyone of any repute just yet, so it isn’t time to anoint him as the second coming of Alonzo Mourning.

But he possesses quite a bit of polish for a freshman, and if he can provide an effective inside presence, Georgetown has a chance to be second-weekend-of-the-tournament good at the end of the season.

Anyway, thought whatever handful of Georgetown readers frequent a Maryland-heavy blog might like a plus-minus look at Saturday’s game. It isn’t nearly as instructive on a single-game basis, and it’s hard to draw any conclusions from garbage time.

But here it is, something I’ll try to do for the handful of times I duck in to see anyone this season:

Player vs. DREX 
Per minute 
3-Summers +16 0.64
4-Wright +22 0.73
5-Mescheriakov +1 0.11
10-Monroe +36 1.16
11-Jansen 0 0.00
15-Freeman +31 1.48
20-Clark +5 0.20
21-Sapp +23 
30-Sims +3 0.16
31-Wattad +3 0.20
Patrick Stevens