The Washington Times - November 24, 2008, 01:22PM

A hard-working blogger can count on a few things.

One, there is always a demand for something new.


Two, there is rarely a shortage of topics to choose from when “college sports” is the general theme.

Three, Navy SID Scott Strasemeier will usually send something along a couple times a month that makes a fantastic chart.

And since Navy will go ahead and start Ricky Dobbs tomorrow night at quarterback, it’ll mean the Midshipmen join 10 other schools with three starting QBs (at least by the end of the week, since Louisiana State is trotting out QB #3 on Friday against Arkansas).

Here’s the full list, with each QB’s record broken out as well. What intrigues me is only one of these teams was horrible this season, and Washington State was going to be bad even if it had been able to morph Sam Bradford, Graham Harrell, Colt McCoy and Tim Tebow into some sort of superhuman QB.

But at least the Cougars won the Apple Cup. A lot of teams on this list would still like to win their rivalry games as well. (*-this week’s likely starter)

School Record QB1 QB2 QB3
Cincinnati 9-2 Dustin Grutza (1-1) 
Tony Pike* (6-1)
Chazz Anderson (2-0) 
Georgia Tech
8-3 Josh Nesbitt* (6-3)
Jaybo Shaw (1-0)
Calvin Booker (1-0)
Connecticut 7-4 Tyler Lorenzen* (6-1) 
Zach Frazer (0-2)
Cody Endres (1-1)
North Carolina
7-4 T.J. Yates* (2-2)
Mike Paulus (1-0)
Cam Sexton (4-2)
South Carolina
7-4 Tommy Beecher (1-0)
Chris Smelley* (5-3)
Stephen Garcia (1-1)
Louisiana State
7-4 Andrew Hatch (3-0)
Jarrett Lee (4-4)
Jordan Jefferson* (0-0)
Navy 6-4 Jarod Bryant (3-3)
Kaipo-Noa Kaheaku Enhada  (3-1)
Ricky Dobbs* (0-0)
Northern Illinois
6-5 Chandler Harnish* (3-4)
Dan Nicholson (2-1)
DeMarcus Grady (1-0)
N.C. State
5-6 Russell Wilson (4-5)*
Daniel Evans (1-0)
Harrison Beck (0-1)
Memphis 5-6 Arkelon Hall* (3-6)
Brett Toney (1-0)
Maurice Jones (1-0)
Washington St.
2-10 Gary Rogers (0-2)
Kevin Lopina (2-5)
Marshall Lobbestael (0-3)

Patrick Stevens