The Washington Times - November 24, 2008, 05:47PM

Talked to Virginia lacrosse coach Dom Starsia just a little while ago, and he was understandable shocked at the death this weekend of former Cavalier midfielder Will Barrow.


“Just completely stunned,” Starsia said. “Nobody saw this coming. To a man, the kids and teammates and his classmates knowing on a more intimate basis, who spent a lot of time with him – there’s not a guy who thought that this could happen.”

Barrow was still in Charlottesville, finishing up one last class for his degree. He was around the team throughout the fall, attending some practices and even an event to celebrate Starsia’s Hall of Fame induction earlier this month.

Starsia’s career is filled with incredible accomplishments. Helping his team cope with this loss will rate among his most remarkable feats. Here’s wishing Virginia’s program and Barrow’s family and friends the best during an unthinkably difficult time.

Patrick Stevens