The Washington Times - November 26, 2008, 11:43AM

Who’s been the most consistent big man for the Maryland basketball team through three games?

Maybe it’s Dino Gregory.


The numbers don’t say it. Yet despite my extreme devotion to what numbers, my eyeballs tell me he’s provided as much inside oomph as anyone so far.

“He gave us a lot of energy against Vermont,” coach Gary Williams said. “That was the best thing he did. I thought he had bigger numbers than that. I thought he had more than two rebounds. You watch that game and you think he’s all over the place, but he only had two rebounds. He needs to get more rebounds but he’s a guy who can block a shot. He’s a guy who can get the ball off the rim. That’s very valuable to us this year.”

A fearless forecast for the Old Spice Classic: Gregory will continue to receive plenty of time inside. And as a result, he’ll surpass his career high of two points (set eight times!) at least once during the trip to Orlando.

Patrick Stevens