The Washington Times - November 28, 2008, 05:35PM

A leftover story from the last couple weeks worth passing along….

Danny Oquendo was a popular subject of discussion late in the season, a reliable senior who is typically as sure a thing as Maryland has to offer. But early in his career, that wasn’t entirely the case.


“He had a poor first semester and his mother came down,” coach Ralph Friedgen said. “His mother’s tough. she told me she was writing that first semester off as a transitionary period. But if he didn’t get a 3.0 the rest of his time here, she was going to move to Maryland. I said ‘I can give you a job in our academic support,’ and Danny said ‘Please, coach, please don’t.’ He’s been doing better since then.”

Ralph has a way of embellishing some tales just a little bit.

Not this one.

“That was a serious threat,” Oquendo said. “That was no powder-puff threat she was throwing out there. She was looking for apartments in College Park.”

It never came to that, of course, though Oquendo realizes now it was the perfect time for a wake-up call.

“My mom’s always been really strict on me, and was right there to get me back into shape,” Oquendo said. “It was something that I had to adjust to, being out in college for my first semester here. After her saying that, I felt like it was time for me to grow up. I can’t have her there with the whiplash.”

Patrick Stevens