The Washington Times - November 28, 2008, 07:37PM

A lot of area basketball fans have to be happy and peeved at the same time right about now.

Happy because Maryland and Georgetown (or is it Georgetown and Maryland?) will be play Sunday night.


Peeved because it’s happening five states away.

The storyline to be peddled for the next 48 hours or so will be how Maryland played Georgetown at the Hoyas’ old homecourt at USAir Arena, how Georgetown never returned the home game, how Maryland had a ton of fans at that Hoyas’ “home” game in 1993 …

And that’s nice, but I don’t feel like rehashing all that in depth because, for this weekend’s purposes, it doesn’t much matter. The reality of this situation is that once Sunday comes and goes, three of the schools’ last four meetings will have been played in Philadelphia, Anaheim and Orlando.

Anyway, it should be fun seeing DaJuan Summers, Greivis Vasquez, Greg Monroe, Eric Hayes, Austin Freeman, Landon Milbourne and a bunch more on the floor at the same time.

And it’ll be interesting to see how much bragging occurs between the two local fanbases as a result of Sunday’s outcome.

—- Patrick Stevens