The Washington Times - November 3, 2008, 08:51AM

Just wanted to get a plug in for the good folks at Pollspeak, who make my life considerably easier while sifting through AP poll ballots. Any site that can tell me exactly who voted for what teams and where they ranked them is amazingly helpful.

Anyway, they also have some analysis, including this interesting bit from a piece last week: Apparently, some of the computer rankings used in the BCS calculations aren’t necessarily double-checked —- i.e. there is no outside, independent agency ensuring the numbers are crunched correctly. It’s an interesting item, no doubt, though it’s also fair to wonder just how likely it would be for these computer programs to be compromised.


By the way, here’s a link to show exactly how every AP voter assessed Maryland this week. Jon Hunt of the Oregonian had the Terrapins at No. 16. Meanwhile, 14 voters didn’t place the Terps in the top 25.

—- Patrick Stevens