The Washington Times - November 5, 2008, 09:31AM

Yes, there were things other than an election going on.

No, I wouldn’t anticipate anyone is actually reading them.


But in case you’re interested, Kevin Johnson of Phoenix Suns fame is the mayor-elect of Sacramento. Heath Shuler locked up a second term as a congressman from North Carolina, ensuring his second career in Washington lasts longer than his first.

And if you think the roads around Clemson need improvement,  former Bengals and Bucs coach Sam Wyche intends to fix them with his new spot on the Pickens County Council.

Now that the election business is attended to in this space, here’s a look at some Maryland-related things that have nothing to do with slot machines. …

* If there’s anyone on Maryland’s roster that Original Hog should be calling “Cyborg,” it’s Bruce Campbell. The sophomore left tackle’s rise into the starting lineup coincides with the revival of Maryland’s running game. With apologies to Josh Portis, Campbell might be the most “freakish athlete” on the roster.

More on Campbell later today, but his play has more to do with the Terps’ two-game winning streak than a lot of more obvious things.

* The Baltimore Sun’s Jeff Barker talks injuries, particularly tailback Da’Rel Scott.

* And some more on injuries, courtesy of the Diamondback’s Eric Detwiler.

Patrick Stevens