The Washington Times - November 5, 2008, 05:28PM

Just saw the news that Ron Prince —- he of the dozen and a half JUCO transfers in last February’s recruiting class —- is done after three seasons at Kansas State.

And it got me thinking about five items of varying degrees of interest and importance…


1. Does Al Groh have a staff opening? You know, besides his position, which probably won’t come open at this juncture. When you start thinking of where Prince might land, it’s fair to think of the places he’s been. And prior to a run in the Little Apple, Prince was a Groh assistant at Virginia.

The boomerang effect worked before. Mike London left Charlottesville, came back and is now the coach at Richmond. Not saying it will or could happen. Just wondering if it would be possible.

2. Will more coaches be jettisoned before the season than afterward? For those keeping score at home, that’s six coaches who already know they will no longer be gainfully employed when the season ends. Joe Tiller announced his retirement at Purdue long ago, and Tommy Bowden (Clemson), Ty Willingham (Washington), Phil Fulmer (Tennessee), Tom Amstutz (Toledo) and now Prince have learned change is in the air.

Does anyone else realize it’s only freaking Nov. 5?

In some cases, it’s probably best to make a call early. Everyone knew Willingham was toast, so it was probably a good thing just to save the man from a ton of questions. But the next thing you know, there will be regular coaching changes two weeks into a season. You didn’t beat Directional Ampersand International A&M by enough? Out you go.

3. Didn’t Prince just get a contract extension? Oh, that? That’s ancient history. I mean, that was agreed to three long months ago.

4. Just how ridiculous was the job Bill Snyder did? Ignoring for a second that Snyder’s career ended with two losing seasons, his accomplishments at K-State have a chance to be looked upon with even greater admiration as the years go by.

Prince is just the first person to swing through Manhattan without winning as big as his predecessor. Chances are, he won’t be the last.

5. Did anyone have better timing than James Franklin? Remember where the Maryland offensive coordinator was at this time last year? Rolling up a ton of points with the Wildcats. By skipping back to the East Coast, adding an assistant head coach title, securing some extra job security and leaving what turned out to be a tenuous situation, Franklin is looking pretty good at this juncture.

That’s not to say it’s been perfect with the 6-2 Terps. But helping to bolster Maryland’s offense is a much better thing to be doing than preparing resumes in the heartland.

—- Patrick Stevens