The Washington Times - November 6, 2008, 04:28PM

BLACKSBURG, Va. – This is my first trip to Virginia Tech for a football game, so I have to admit I didn’t know entirely what to expect about how this insanely long day would play out.

But here are some basic observations more than three hours before kickoff:


* How the heck anyone who is forced to travel the Capital Beltway every day maintains his or her (or their, for those with multiple personalities) sanity is completely beyond me. Driving the Beltway between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. is something I do maybe 10 times a year, if that. And every time I do it, I follow a lot of cursing with thanks I don’t have to do it all that much.

* The drive down I-81 is gorgeous in autumn. I’m used to making the trek in January, when there’s no leaves on the trees and nothing but trucks as company. But the drive was downright scenic, even if there were plenty of trucks to dodge.

* Speaking of colors, I’m not sure I saw less than a dozen people in town with orange or maroon in their outfit. In a blue dress shirt and khakis, I probably looked like I was from a different planet. In any case, it is a particularly spirited day down this way.

* As always Cabo Fish Taco is awesome. Trust me, a couple soy ginger shrimp tacos made the long drive totally worthwhile, especially on a pristine autumn day when you can actually sit outside and eat

I’ll have more soon, but here’s a look at said tacos, which constitute the beginning of the “Food of the ACC” series I’ll be revisiting in the coming months:


Patrick Stevens