The Washington Times - November 7, 2008, 08:51PM

There’s a certain “Let’s Make a Deal” element to Maryland‘s frontcourt.

Look behind any door, and you’re sure to get something a little different. You just don’t know what’s back there, and with so much uncertainty, on a given night there’s probably a not-so-welcome option lurking around.


Well, it won’t be like the TV show when there was an occasional farm animal hanging out. Though it would be sort of funny seeing a goat at midcourt.

But you can safely say the combination of Jerome Burney, Braxton Dupree, Dino Gregory and Dave Neal is Maryland’s Great Unknown. It’s possible (or so Gary Williams and fans must hope) that a couple of these guys will be keepers. It’s just as possible a few (or even all) of them will struggle.

But that’s a little while away. For now, Williams has only practice (as well as a hush-hush scrimmage at Temple earlier this week that was closed to EVERYBODY) to go on.

“Braxton’s probably earned the right to start,” Williams said. “Burney’s come on the last couple days and played better. Dino’s been a very good rebounder in practice so far. Tomorrow’s good for him. We have practiced with Landon at the four. We have to find out what the best position for Jin Soo [Kim] is. [Sean] Mosley is probably a 2/3. Jin Soo might be a 3/4. We’ll see.”

—- Patrick Stevens