The Washington Times - November 7, 2008, 09:44PM

It will be a sort-of silent blog day on Saturday.

Sort of is relative. I won’t be at a game like last weekend, when the Navy-Temple game drew my attention.


And I’ll be ducking out on Maryland’s basketball exhibition, which will be left in the more-than-capable hands of Stephen Whyno, who will take some time out of patiently explaining Mike Peterson is less wrong than Jack Del Rio to chronicle how the Vasquez-less, possibly Mosley-less Terrapins handle an NAIA team tomorrow afternoon. Lucky him.

Instead, I’ll be down at the ACC offices working on a little project, which is both intriguing and incredibly poorly timed on my part considering the college basketball preview work still left to do. But it should be good, and I intend a side trip to Pig Pickins, Stamey’s (or perhaps, if I’m greedy, both).

So there will be updates. They just won’t be plentiful. But since it’s Saturday, you probably have better things to be doing with your day than breathlessly refreshing a blog, anyway.

More to come tomorrow.

Patrick Stevens