The Washington Times - November 9, 2008, 08:04AM

The weeks remaining in the D1scourse Challenge have been reduced to four.

Yet a dozen people remain within 21 points of the lead.


Thanks to a reasonably chalky week (the only upsets were Cincinnati-West Virginia and Iowa-Penn State), success yesterday was determined by who was wise enough to place too much of an emphasis on the Mountaineers and the Nittany Lions.

For the second straight week, the Average Joes. Yet even by being the best over that span, it’s been good enough to only snearly halve the deficit from 37 to 19 points.

Overall, A Fridge Too Far maintains a tenuous 1-point lead. Here’s the updated top 12:

1. A Fridge Too Far: 1663
2. Beat Writer/Blogger/Commish: 1662
3. WetheBest: 1654
4. deterpfan: 1651
5. Turner Portis: 1650
T-6. Barry Hinson: 1649
T-6. Lamont4Heisman: 1649
8. Where’s the Cake?: 1646
T-9. Barack OChango: 1645
T-9. TSR - slatter: 1645
11. Average Joe’s: 1644
12. 3 Turrets: 1642

—- Patrick Stevens