The Washington Times - November 9, 2008, 05:00PM

I didn’t get much of a look at the grousing between Ralph Friedgen and defensive coordinator Chris Cosh on the sideline late in the first half on Thursday’s 23-13 loss.

However, based on the snippet I saw and the absolute glee expressed by the message board denizens, it’s safe to say Friedgen was displeased at burning a timeout on defense when Virginia Tech faced a third-and-18.


Ralph said Thursday he’d look into it. And here’s what he had to say upon reviewing the situation.

“I talked to Chris about it. He get the call in, but everybody didn’t get the call,” Friedgen said. “It was third-and-18 and there was some confusion, so I called a timeout because I didn’t want to have some guys know what we were in and have some guys who didn’t. Maybe I shouldn’t have done that. We got them squared away and they hit the first down anyway.”

That timeout doesn’t look nearly as bad if (a) there wasn’t some in-the-moment squabbling and, more importantly, (b) the playing coming out of the timeout wasn’t a complete debacle.

Yes, Friedgen and Cosh appeared to get heated, and that naturally is going to draw some attention. But the real problem was how effortlessly the Hokies collected a first down to set up a field goal that made it 17-3 at the break.

Patrick Stevens