The Washington Times - November 9, 2008, 01:48PM

I’m always reminded of why it’s usually best not to spend too much time watching games on TV when I hear one of the “commentators” say something either (a) completely cliche-addled; (b) that states the obvious; (c) that attempts to set a record for most unnecessary uses of the word “football” as an adjective; or (d) is incomprehensively and completely incorrect.

This usually happens within 60 seconds of turning on a game. Needless to say, it’s smart to keep expectations low.


But while watching the Baltimore-Houston game this afternoon, a graphic popped up running down the Harbaugh coaching family that mentioned how new Indiana coach Tom Crean was the brother-in-law of the Ravens’ coach.

“You’ll see Indiana quite a bit here on CBS during the college basketball year,” Ian Eagle intoned.

And so I ask: WHY?

Why would a team that is widely expected to finish in the bottom two or three in the Big Ten wind up on national television “quite a bit.”

This is a frequent gripe in most seasons of John McNamara, the Maryland beat writer from the Annapolis Capital. And for this year, he’s completely right.

Turns out Indiana will definitely be on CBS twice – against Kentucky on Dec. 13 and against Illinois on Feb. 15. There’s also a chance the Hoosiers‘ game at Wisconsin on the final weekend of the regular season will get picked up by CBS.

Still, for a team that is at least a year away (and probably two or three) from being relevant again beyond the name “Indiana,” even two games might be a bit of overexposure.

Patrick Stevens