The Washington Times - October 1, 2008, 09:21AM

I know it’s not egregiously late, but I wanted to toss these up about an hour ago.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t possible, and whatever musings were tossed up would look like a Faulkner novel.


And no one needs to be reading something where a return key isn’t an option.

Anyway, it was an oddly slow day in College Park. I mean, a 4-1 team with a chance to move to 2-0 on the road in conference play probably ought to be more interesting. But it’s tough at this point, mainly because the Terrapins‘ story line really hasn’t been figured out.

Heck, they haven’t been figured out.

Take the offensive line, which was supposed to be superb and instead is just sort of blah so far this season. I’ll have some more context and offensive coordinator James Franklin‘s take on the situation a bit later.


* The Washington Post‘s Eric Prisbell also takes the notebook route, leading off with linebacker Adrian Moten‘s wrist surgery.

* The Baltimore Sun‘s Jeff Barker writes about the ACC‘s injury report, which is “a suggested minimum standard.” This is one of the most toothless things conceived by man and put on paper since the League of Nations charter. Of course it’s easy to get around. An example: Nolan Carroll’s unreported ankle injury two weeks ago.

As for how things are going down in Charlottesville, it looks like it could be a full-time Lord Groh abdication watch from here on out…

* Richmond Times-Dispatch columnist Paul Woody cuts to the chase and calls for a coaching change, while at least offering Groh the face-saving measure of retiring.

* Jeff White, the fine Times-Dispatch beat writer, writes that Groh got this little gem from a caller on his radio show on Monday: “You’ve taken a well-respected program that George Welsh took 19 years to build and you’ve managed to completely tear it down.”

* The Newport News Daily Press’ Norm Wood writes that Groh is blocking out any thoughts of a dismissal.

* Doug Doughty of the Roanoke Times says Groh didn’t use the word “negativity” during his Tuesday press conference.

—- Patrick Stevens