The Washington Times - October 10, 2008, 09:36AM

Hope everyone enjoyed last night’s enthralling ACC throwdown in Krispy Kremeville.

Now know the finale of the round-robin between Clemson, Maryland and Wake Forest is coming next Saturday.


But not this Saturday, because Maryland has off. And as Eric Detwiler of the Diamondback points out, that means some guys get to escape the grind in CP and find some enjoyment away from football.

Good for them. Of course, it makes me feel a little lame that without a game to cover on Saturday —- or even one locally to duck in on at Navy —- that I’ll simply be sitting on my couch watching TV. Of course, I could always come up with an Original Hog nickname list for the Virginia-East Carolina game, but that would take away from the Musburgerian joy of the Oklahoma-Texas tussle.

More to come as the morning rolls on.

—- Patrick Stevens