The Washington Times - October 11, 2008, 11:58AM

I am blogging LIVE … from D1scourse Glen Burnie headquarters, and will be throughout the afternoon and into the evening.

But first, I must admit I face a difficult choice.


There are only so many opportunities I receive to just watch a few games on a Saturday afternoon. And unfortunately, the games Doc Walker and Brent Musburger will call are going head-to-head.

This is saddening, because they might be the most entertaining announcers in college football. Original Hog comes up with a laundry list of absurd nicknames I can’t help but to laugh at.

Meanwhile Musburger has spawned a drinking game (this is not an endorsement of said game) and is capable of lending a sense of seriousness to the World’s Strongest Man competition (which he did for CBS back in the day with comments like “nice form on that tire toss.”)

Alas, Original Hog is calling East Carolina-Virginia, and Musburger is handling the play-by-play for Oklahoma-Texas. So the latter probably wins out.

But don’t worry; I’ll flip back to the Virginia game enough to probably hear a few nickname gems before the day is through.

—- Patrick Stevens