The Washington Times - October 14, 2008, 12:57PM

Remember last year when Maryland tossed up a zero percent graduation rate in men’s basketball and there was a big hullabaloo? Well, the 2008 version of that day.

Here is last year’s data, courtesy of the NCAA. Officially, the new data will be released later this afternoon. Unofficially, the NCAA isn’t very clever in terms of its web addresses, since someone like me who was given no advance notice of the data release was able to decipher things quite easily.


That’s for you to figure out if you wish. Let’s just say basketball’s grad rate is no longer zero percent. Call it the Mike Grinnon factor.

The thing to remember about all this data (and I’ll remind y’all of this again as the day goes on) is that it covers the players whose eligibility clocks started between the fall of 1998 and the fall of 2001. So the bulk of Maryland’s national title team is in this data. And, for the first time, the football data finally includes some of Ralph Friedgen‘s recruits.

More to come as the day goes along. For now, it’s off to listen to Ralph run down Wake Forest’s depth chart before getting into some more interesting things.

—- Patrick Stevens