The Washington Times - October 15, 2008, 11:03AM

Loyal readers know there isn’t a chart that would get turned down for this blog.

Well, maybe an eye chart. Mainly because it’s tough to figure out how to important a ginormous ‘E.’


But most charts —- very, very welcome.

Anyway, Navy SID Scott Strasemeier passed along this interesting gem this morning on the schools that have produced the fewest three-and-outs in the country this year.

I’m not exactly sure how you research that one in a non-tedious way. But someone is keeping track. And here’s the fruits of that anonymous person’s work:

School 3&Out Games 3&Out/Game
Missouri 2 6 0.33
Tulsa 3 6 0.50
South Carolina
6 7 0.86
Kansas State
6 6 1.00
Texas Tech
6 6 1.00
Southern Cal
7 5 1.40
Wake Forest
7 5 1.40
Houston 9 6 1.50
Oklahoma State 
9 6 1.50
Navy 10 6 1.67
Notre Dame
11 6 1.83

That list of 11 schools includes the following:

* Three teams in the top 10 of rushing offense (Navy, Tulsa, Oklahoma State)
* Four teams in the top 10 of passing offense (Texas Tech, Houston, Missouri, Tulsa)
* Five of the top eight teams in total offense (Tulsa, Texas Tech, Missouri, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech)
* Five of the top eight teams in scoring offense (Tulsa, Oklahoma State, Missouri, Texas Tech and Kansas State)

The biggest surprises on the list? Notre Dame and its 109th-ranked rushing offense somehow having only 11 three-and-outs.

Trumping that would be South Carolina, which despite a slightly better running game (104th) doesn’t rank in the top 30 in passing, total or scoring defense, either.

—- Patrick Stevens