The Washington Times - October 15, 2008, 05:36PM

We all mess up. Draw bad conclusions. Misread contracts.

Yeah, there’s egg on my face right now.


I thought there was a chance that Maryland coach Ralph Friedgen would get a $100,000 bonus because his team’s graduation success rate was 68 percent. I thought he might not get it because the federal grad rate was 64 percent.

Instead, neither of those numbers matter for this issue.

A Maryland source informed me the number in question is the single-class federal graduation rate. For this year, it would be rate of the players who entered school in the fall of 2001 —- and only that class.

The graduation success rate wasn’t even in existence when Ralph’s contract was drawn up, which makes my initial intepretation both incorrect (bad) and idiotic (worse) —- which may or may not be worse than Ralph not getting his $100,000.

—- Patrick Stevens