The Washington Times - October 16, 2008, 12:52PM

Sorry it’s been a quiet blog day so far. That will change soon enough. Promise.

Basketball media day gets going in another two hours or so, and this will probably be the most upbeat anyone will be about Maryland‘s program all year.


Well, either now or after, say, an 11-3 or 12-2 start —- which despite all the offseason turmoil remains a possibility.

One development that will be fun to listen for is how Maryland will play —- almost certainly at times with three guards, swingman Landon Milbourne and a big guy patrolling the middle.

There’s no shortage of subplots. Will Braxton Dupree be the inside factor people thought he could be last year? How big a role does Sean Mosley assume from the start? Will Adrian Bowie parlay his fine play late last season into something bigger? Ditto for Jerome Burney.

So many questions, so few answers —- for now, anyway.

There’s also the issue of freshman forward Jin Soo Kim, who has yet to be cleared by the NCAA. He’s certainly on campus —- I’ve seen him come and go from the football team house several times in the last six weeks.

More on all this stuff, as well as a football update and another piece of amusing gambling minutiae coming later in the day.

—- Patrick Stevens