The Washington Times - October 17, 2008, 09:30PM

Gary Williams made it through media day without a mild shot at Duke.

Brenda Frese took care of that glaring deficiency tonight.


There’s never a more certain bet to rile up Maryland fans than taking a shot at Duke. And Frese was certain to do that during Maryland Madness.

“I need your help with one thing,” Frese said. “Not babysitting, but I’ll take some volunteers. Last year we hosted the NCAA tournament first and second rounds, which we’ll host again this year. Last year, they sent Duke to our region. As you can imagine, we did the right thing. We booed. When they asked the coach of Duke about it, she said ‘That must be their Turtle IQ. On Feb. 22, Duke comes in here to Comcast Center. I want to make sure you give them a full dose of our Turtle IQ.”

Frese, of course, said during last spring’s tournament to a couple reporters, “C’mon, you guys don’t like Duke, either.”

Give Frese credit. She knows how to fire up a crowd.

—- Patrick Stevens