The Washington Times - October 19, 2008, 05:24PM

Every so often, a website glitch makes it difficult to read a particular entry.

As a couple loyal readers pointed out, it happened yesterday on a post about Ralph Friedgen calling out Maryland fans for not showing up.


The link —- which is now working here —- fills in the details from yesterday, including the fact it didn’t rank among the 10 smallest crowds in Ralph’s tenure.

On the other side of things, the gathering of 46,257 was the second-smallest crowd in the last 34 games at Byrd Stadium, dating back to the beginning of the 2003 season.

The only one that was smaller was in 2006 against Florida International —- the week after a crushing loss at West Virginia.

Still, Wake Forest was a ranked team. And Florida International is, well, a school that sounds it’s an airport.

Friedgen followed up on his comments this afternoon, in probably a better manner than he did after yesterday’s 26-0 victory.

“To me, there were a lot of empty seats in the upper deck,” Friedgen said. “Playing a highly ranked team, you’re 4-2. Yeah, we didn’t play well at Virginia. I understand that. Now, we’re tied for the lead in our division. I’m hoping our fans will come out and support us and make it a home-field advantage.”

An off-the-wall, completely bizarre stat Friedgen probably doesn’t want to hear: Maryland is 20-0 at home since 2001 when it draws less than 50,000, and 17-11 when it surpasses that total. There are some games in there before temporary bleachers were brought in, and certainly some ho-hum early-September nonconference games account for those numbers, too.

That said, it would certainly look a lot better for the program if it could fill its top deck on a consistent basis with plans for expanding Byrd Stadium already underway.

—- Patrick Stevens