The Washington Times - October 19, 2008, 06:01PM

The BCS standings came out for the first time this season earlier this afternoon. And while there’s still plenty more that will happen on the field in the next seven weeks to influence the final outcome, it’s fair to look at the initial number-crunching.



* Texas and Alabama. Just like the human polls, the Longhorns and the Crimson Tide start out 1-2. And since they’re unbeaten and reside in the country’s testiest conferences, they certainly have firm control of where they are headed at this juncture.

* Oklahoma State. The Cowboys check in at No. 6, ahead of Georgia, Texas Tech, Ohio State and Florida, among others.

* Utah and Boise State. The Utes are No. 11, the Broncos No. 12. If both can run the table, a berth to a BCS games appears quite likely


* Florida. The computers are not fooled by the Gators’ flashy victory over Louisiana State. Florida committed the grave sin of losing at home to a mediocre team (Ole Miss). Until the Gators can nullify that —- perhaps a neutral-field victory over Georgia? —- they belong down around No. 10.

* Tulsa and Ball State. The good news is the No. 19 Golden Hurricane and No. 20 Cardinals are in the top 20. But with fairly weak schedules going forward, it might be a stretch for either to crack the top 12. However, Hawaii was No. 18 at this point last year and Boise State was No. 15 in 2006, so a surge is possible.

* The ACC. Georgia Tech checks in at No. 18, followed by Florida State at No. 25. The league does top the Pac-10 for quantity; Southern Cal is the lone rep from that league at No. 5.


* No. 5 Southern California. The Trojans’ computer ranking is 10.

* No. 13 Louisiana State. The computers put the Tigers in a tie for 19th.

* No. 16 South Florida. The Bulls are well above the computer average of 23rd


* No. 6 Oklahoma State. The Pokes’ high-scoring offense sends them up to No. 3 according to the computer average; only one of the six models has Okie State outside the top five.

* No. 9 Ohio State. The Buckeyes’ computer average is No. 5. Do you suppose the machines have factored in Terrelle Pryor?

* No. 24 Minnesota. The surprising Golden Gophers are tied for 21st in the computer models, ranking as high as 13th. It’s nice for Tim Brewster‘s team that machines don’t remember last year’s 1-11 ordeal in Minneapolis.

—- Patrick Stevens