The Washington Times - October 19, 2008, 12:52PM

If there is a single thing a half-season of Maryland football games should have taught anyone, it’s that no one should read much into a single day.

That’s why my dead-tree edition story maintained a bit of a jaundiced eye toward the Terrapins. Yes, Maryland played well in a 26-0 rout of Wake Forest in just about every way.


But will they replicate that a week later against N.C. State? Or ever again, for that matter?

This really is a team to appreciate in the moment, as the cliche goes. For someone constantly seeking how the meaning of one day fits into a much larger picture, it’s frustrating. It doesn’t seem like there’s a larger picture, so it’s probably time to quit looking at that canvas.

It’s funny how the way you view events changes when you just assume pretty much anything can happen. Equipped with that outlook, it was easy to shrug and move on when Maryland predictably did the unpredictable and rolled yesterday. And if the Terps do that again this week, it will be equally shrug-worthy.

These guys really can do just about anything —- good or bad —- especially in an ACC where it seems every team is regressing to the mean.

So read too much into the Wake Forest victory or the Virginia loss at your own peril. It’s anyone’s guess if those versions of the Terps will ever be seen again.

—- Patrick Stevens