The Washington Times - October 2, 2008, 12:19PM

The best source of humor this week in College Park —- well, besides cut-up Dean Muhtadi, who’s always going to generate laughs —- is pretty much anyone on Maryland’s roster who attended DeMatha or Good Counsel.

The DeMatha crew includes Jeff Allen, Kenny Tate, Edwin Williams and Anthony Wiseman. Good Counsel is represented by Deege Galt, Tommy Galt and Drew Gloster. And they’ll all be keeping an eye on tonight’s game, which will be televised at 6:30 on ESPN2.


Of course there is trash talk. There’s always trash talk. But I asked Williams on Tuesday if there happened to be a wager in play as well.

“Got a little side bet with Tommy, but I don’t know if I’m going to take it yet,” Williams said. “Something about wearing his high school jersey. I don’t know how much I’d like the gold and blue on me.”

Now that’s pretty juicy, at least from a sheer pride standpoint. But Williams was hemming and hawing about the possibility even after practice last night, even if he acknowledged the payoff would be pretty sweet.

“That would be heaven,” Williams said. “That’s why I probably will take it. I’m not sure yet. I’ll have to get with coach [Bill] McGregor and see what the game plan is. I’m not really pressed about this game. Of course, it is the ESPN national spotlight and you want to show, but it really matters in the playoffs, in the championship.”

Finally, an answer was found just after 7 last night. Deege Galt came in with the news; Allen and Williams were in on the bet from the DeMatha side, while the Galt brothers would handle things for Good Counsel.

Here’s the deal: The loser wears the other team’s jersey to breakfast, class, meetings and dinner one day during the bye week. Deege Galt promises there will be pictures to commemorate the deal.

“We just shook on it,” a clearly enthused Galt said. “Edwin and Jeff were skeptical because they knew we’d kick their ass. We just made it official. The handshake was made.”

Turtle Sports Report’s Seth Hoffman —- who will no doubt have much more on this game than me over on TSR’s premium site —- then asked a really curious question: Which Galt brother would be stuck wearing Allen’s jersey. Deege Galt is a defensive lineman, Tommy Galt is a tight end and Allen is a safety.

“I am,” Deege said. “It’s OK. I’m going on a diet if we lose. I don’t think I’ll be able to squeeze into it by Monday.”

I’ll be swamped with stuff this evening, so I won’t get over to a game that’s apparently sold out already. But there will probably be a few hints available during the bye week as to how things play out.

“If you guys come in next week and see Edwin walking around in a Good Counsel jersey, you’ll know what went down,” Tommy Galt said.

—- Patrick Stevens