The Washington Times - October 2, 2008, 06:21PM

In classic football coach paranoia, Ralph Friedgen is offering up the possibility of shuffling his offensive line but not offering much definitive.

Well, that’s his right. But it’s my right —- nay, duty —- to point out that Riverboat Gambler Ralph might not be showing his hand for an obvious reason.


Like he’s holding a pair of fours and other unassorted cards.

The thing about the line that was supposed to be good was the five fifth-year seniors and the fourth-year junior who would man it. Toss in ginormous sophomore Bruce Campbell , and this was supposed to be a strength.

But outside of garbage time against Eastern Michigan, the only other lineman who has played is sophomore Paul Pinegar . There aren’t many options that seem like they could be serious options. So there’s a distinct possibility Ralph is bluffing to some degree.

Now , there are a variety of combinations Maryland could use with their top seven. Phil Costa can play all three inside spots. Jack Griffin can play right guard and right tackle. Scott Burley worked out at right tackle earlier in the season. And Pinegar, officially the backup at right tackle, could probably play guard as well.

So there’s all sorts of permutation that could work, including:

Burley-Jaimie Thomas -Edwin Williams -Griffin-Dane Randolph

And on and on and on.

But given the reluctance to use other guys —- the Stephen St. John s of the world —- it’s probably fair to approach any personnel infusions as unexpected.

—- Patrick Stevens